About Us


We are a team of people-driven, holistic, and result-centric facial therapy serving people around Tampa, FL. We run an array of highly specialized facial treatments that help rid ugly marks on the skin and restores it to its healthy supple look.

Our spa services are carried out by qualified experts with years of experience in the field to ensure the best service is delivered to our customers.

We have delivered our services for over a decade and this has allowed us to evolve or skincare and massage techniques enough to deliver instantly visible and scientifically-proven results. We take pride in our services and our status as one of the best facial and wellness spa in Tampa, Florida and this is why we pour out our hearts into each and every session we take on.


Mission and vision

At Premiere Facial Wellness and Spa, our mission is to offer a cozy, comfy, and world-class facial wellness spa experience for both our lovely therapists and lovely clients; a facility where personal attention, professional skincare treatment, and affordability mix to give an utterly outstanding and rejuvenating experience.

We strive towards rewarding your trust in us with a gorgeous face similar to that of a 16-year-old and a broad smile of satisfaction and gratitude.

Our vision is to keep being the best, trend-setting facial wellness spa of choice for men and women, reward trust and confidence with instant lasting glamor on each of our client’s face. We promise professional and affordable facial therapy that eliminates those wrinkles, dryness, and acne patches.

A Facial Therapy Spa near you!

Both men and women are welcome to our facial therapy parlor for a range of facial treatment and wrinkle elimination solutions. Within our team is a skilled dermatologist, Aesthetics manager, expert therapists and Microdermabrasion, Libo Laser, and various anti-aging products, all safe and FDA approved.

What inspires us to keep offering the best, instantly reviving, and pampering facial treatments is the sheer amount of satisfaction we gain upon seeing a client looking happy. Every happy client at the end of each session melts our hearts.

That’s why we are proud to guarantee you that no matter how old, pale or wrinkled your face is, we will give it the look of a 16-year-old!