Spa Facial Anti-Aging Treatments

Our 5-star will leave you feeling like you’ve found the foundation of youth

Face Lifting Treatment $98.00

Firming face lift effect, which accelerate the restoration process of the connective tissues and the epidermis, increasing muscle tone and preventing premature aging. This Powerful ampoule treatment with high concentration of amniotic fluid (the main tensor effect) in addition to gotu kola extracts and Ivy (fight sagging and sagging of tissues) and elastin and collagen (have a high concentration of amino acids provide cell regeneration and skin tightening) An immediate non-surgical lift that is great for anyone attending a special event!

Its effects are visible after the first treatment. *80 minutes (Series Packages Available)

Always Young-Wrinkle Treatment $95.00

Facial Treatment which action relaxing facial muscles responsibility for the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expressions, improves skin the face and neck. The treatment contains HEXAPEPTIDES 3 and 10, responsible “BOTOX EFFECT”. The treatment done with this toxin (CLOSTRIDIUM BOTULINUM TOXIN BOTULINUM) Is great for anyone attending a special event!

Its effects are visible from the 1st treatment. *75 minutes (Series Packages Available)

Bioactive with Ginseng Treatment $89.00

Regenerating and energizing anti-aging Treatment, suitable for skin prone to dehydration. Activates cell metabolism and tissue oxygenation and provides brightness. It’s ideal for undernourished skin, dull and lacking in vitality, whether or not mature. The ginseng energizing action is enhanced by the presence of collagen and elastin, which provide greater elasticity, firmness and hydration to the skin. *65 minutes

Recommended for dry skins, or normal.

Sensitive Skin Treatments

Rosacea Facial Treatment $89.00

This very common skin condition affects 5%of individuals. It causes ‘rosy cheeks’ and red patches or small blood vessels on the face. Patients often complain of an embarrassing ‘sun burnt’ look. Commonly Rosacea is misdiagnosed as “Adult Acne”.

Our signature Rosacea facial treatment designed to calm and sooth the inflammation associated with Rosacea. It consists of a gentle cleanse, followed by Cocoa Enzyme treatment to exfoliate and soothing calm ampoule. And is completed with an application of a sensitive moisturize. Visible results to control redness and reduce skin irritation. Our clients have experienced dramatic results. *70 minutes *Includes professional consultation.

DNA Anti-Aging Treatment $85.00

Regenerating anti-aging Treatment for face and neck, which allows the skin to get its optimum hydration and oxygenation, thanks to its composition rich in DNA. That treatment its formulate with rich in active principles class, provides the skin revitalization and luminosity. This treatment used for delicate and sensitive skin. *65 minutes

Suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive and irritable.

Retinol and Vitamin C, Anti- Wrinkle Treatment $89.00

Treatment, formulated specifically for mature skin, which acts slowing the aging of the skin. The combination of active ingredients containing reestructurarte action gives a dermal fibers, which are designed to support the skin, avoiding sagging. The high contribution to vitamin A, and liposomes causes the formation of collagen naturally, which is very useful for mature skin because they cannot do for themselves. It also has Vitamin E, anti-free radical action.*70 minute

This treatment used all skin types, even alípicas.