Dry or Dehydrated Skin

Wrinkle nourishing cream with liposomes of ceramides, silk proteins, vegetable placenta, and amniotic fluid aloe
Face Solution formulated without alcohol, to avoid irritating your skin. Besides invigorating and refreshing
Cleansing Milk removes deep makeup residues and impurities from the skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Exerts

Greasy or Mixed Skin

NO fat cream quickly absorbed, liposomes formulated with sulfur, algae extract, marine collagen, FNH, FPS and
Purifying and regulating sebum cream. Acts on fatty elements of the skin, contributing to their elimination,
Mentholated alcohol solution based algae extract, witch hazel, cucumber and gentian, which regulates excess sebum,
It cleans the skin, moisturizing AND soothing it. Seaweed, witch hazel, cucumber AND gentian extracts
Immediate action liposome gel, which regulates the sebaceous secretion and eliminates the acne gradually. It fights

Luxury Gold Line

Gel cream with gold particles, It is a decongestive and soothing product for the eye area. It removes the
Smooth and silky cream that provided 24-hour hydration. Formulated for dry, dehydrated skin, the cream maintains
A nourishing cream that soothes, regenerates and hydrates mature skin, restoring its lipidic barrier and aiding
Smoothing effect gold serum-elixir with anti-wrinkle, smoothing, hydrating and regeneration properties for all

Line Orchid

INTENSIVE LIFTING FIRMING NECK AND NECK BUST DESCRIPTION. Cream with nourishing and moisturizing effect that
“SOFT FOCUS SOFT FOCUS EFFECT EFFECT DESCRIPTION FILLER. Cremigel light non-greasy texture. Formulated with a
DESCRIPTION: Cream soft and silky texture that provides hydration 24 hours. It is formulated to treat dehydrated
Remedial action cream that combines peptides and proteins and restores collagen levels of both young and mature
DESCRIPTION: INTENSIVE SERUM INTENSIVE SERUM. Cremigel light non-greasy and quickly absorbed. Addition of
Gel soft and refreshing texture. Provides long-lasting moisturizing action. Has a drainage area of ​​ocular

Line Pure

Fluid matte remedial effect. Formula soft texture and matting effect that eliminates marks left by
Juvenile exfoliating gel. Thanks to its gentle exfoliating particles and washing base easily removes comedones or
Purifying Gel. Immediate results hydroalcoholic gel with salicylic acid and Acnacidol. Regulates the secretion of

Normal or Sensitive Skin

Soothing Lotion, decongestant and refreshing with chamomile and cucumber extract which tones and moisturizes the skin.
Eye and Lip Makeup Remover indicated to eliminate traces of makeup from eyelids, eyelashes and lips. Its pH is
Soothing moisturizer, hyaluronic acid, alpha-bisabolol, allantoin, FNH, sunscreen and natural oils that protect the
Cream low anger, which exerts a calming, nourishing and moisturizing for sensitive skin and restoring its barrier
Gentle cleansing milk for normal skin specific and sensitive (allergic, with redness and peeling and / or highly