“SOFT FOCUS SOFT FOCUS EFFECT EFFECT DESCRIPTION FILLER. Cremigel light non-greasy texture. Formulated with a combination of assets. A polymer ellena wrinkles producing a soft focus effect which results in the immediate disappearance of wrinkles and mixing a polysaccharide and acacia that provide a tightening effect. Contains hyaluronic acid addition and orchid extract assets that insure the health and functionality of the skin. DIRECTIONS. cremigel Apply with fingertip passing over wrinkles as if you were filling. Allow to dry for a few minutes. apply later if the makeup or moisturizer with a light touch on desired areas has put dondese cremigel. PRESENTATION. 15ml. ”
• ORCHIS MORIO EXTRACT: Extract obtained flower Orchis morio L., Orchidaceae. Provides brightness, firmness and hydration to the skin.
• ADIPIC ACID / NEOPENTYL GLYCOL CROSSPOLYMER: This novel crosslinked polymer silky appearance gives the skin elasticity and flexibility.
• HYALURONATE SODIUM: Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, highly moisturizing. It helps to get a smoother skin surface by decreasing roughness and imperfections.
• ACACIA SENEGAL GUM: This gum obtained from Acacia senegal, Leguminosae brings ecto tensor.
Apply to clean skin morning and night exerting a light massage.