Remedial action cream that combines peptides and proteins and restores collagen levels of both young and mature skins.Proper and lasting collagen function providing a youthful, healthy skin is obtained. Hyaluronic acid and orchid complement this.
• ORCHIS MORIO EXTRACT: Extract obtained flower Orchis morio L., Orchidaceae. Provides brightness, firmness and hydration to the skin.
• CITRULLINE tripeptide-10: Peptide regulating collagen production.
• HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN: hydrolyzed wheat proteins. Improve the texture and brightness of the skin, improving moisture retention.
• Tripeptide-1: Peptide consisting of three basic amino acids. Helps improve the appearance of the skin, making target on cell regeneration and collagen production.
• Pseudoalteromonas FERMENT EXTRACT: Extract obtained from the fermentation product of Pseudoalteromonas, ultra high moisturizing power.
Apply to clean skin morning and night exerting a light massage.