INTENSIVE SERUM INTENSIVE SERUM. Cremigel light non-greasy and quickly absorbed. Addition of hyaluronic acid containing extract and active orchid ensuring health and functionality of the skin. The trylagen restores collagen levels, the argireline fights wrinkles and improves flexibility decorynil skin and increases its resistance. DIRECTIONS. Apply the serum with fingertip passing over the lines as if he were filling. Then apply moisturizer or wrinkle. PRESENTATION. 30 ml. ”

• ORCHIS MORIO EXTRACT: Extract obtained flower Orchis morio L., Orchidaceae. Provides brightness, firmness and hydration to the skin.
• Pseudoalteromonas FERMENT EXTRACT: Extract obtained from the fermentation product of Pseudoalteromonas. It provides great moisturizing power.
• HYALURONATE SODIUM: Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, highly moisturizing. It helps to get a smoother skin surface by decreasing roughness and imperfections.
• HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN: Protein hydrolyzed wheat. Improve the texture and brightness of the skin, improving moisture retention. 
• CITRULLINE tripeptide-10: Peptide regulating collagen production. 
• tripeptide-1: Peptide consists of three essential amino acids. Helps improve the appearance of the skin, making target on cell regeneration and collagen production.
Apply morning and evening on clean skin gently massaging always exerting upward.