Cream soft and silky texture that provides hydration 24 hours. It is formulated to treat dehydrated skin, to maintain osmotic balance of skin cells and conserve its water. Its active ingredient is highly Imperata cylindrica is able to maintain the skin moisture and hydration over a long period of time more than one day, helping to protect and preserve the activity of the cells of the skin, obtaining skin energized and revitalized. Hyaluronic acid and orchid complement this.Contains sunscreen.
• ORCHIS MORIO EXTRACT: Extract obtained flower Orchis morio L., Orchidaceae. Provides brightness, firmness and hydration to the skin.
• Imperata cylindrica (ROOT EXTRACT) extract obtained from the roots of Imperata cylindrica (L.), Poaceae, ultra high moisturizing power plant.
• MOSCHATA OIL ROSE (ROSE HIPS OIL): Rosehip oil. It produces a feeling of wellbeing on the skin. Smoothes and tones.
• SODIUM HYALURONATE: sodium hyaluronic acid, high moisturizing power Sal. It helps to get a smoother skin surface by decreasing roughness and imperfections.
Apply to clean skin morning and night exerting a light massage.